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The Global Hybrid Electric Challenge in the United Arab Emirates (GHEC-UAE) is the latest international collegiate competition promoting education, energy efficiency, and environmental consciousness. The last event was held at Al Nabooda Automobiles's Body Shop and Test Facility in Dubai, UAE on 21 - 23 November 2019, and was open to institutions of higher learning in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Whilst the GHEC-UAE seeks to encourage competition amongst engineering students, it is also aimed at providing a means to convert their knowledge into real world solutions that promote energy efficiency. It brings together students with shared interests from across the MENA and enables them to compete their hand-built hybrid-electric powered cars in one of the most exciting racing tracks. The GHEC-UAE further allows students and engineers to share their common interest in automotive racing technology, sustainable energy, and hands on engineering, and expand their network of professional friends.

The following are the concepts emphasized in the competition:

• Educational excellence in science, engineering and mathematics
• Creative integration of technical and scientific expertise across a wide-range of disciplines
• Hands-on experience to develop and demonstrate technical and creative abilities
• Understanding of marketing, business and management skills needed to execute large and complex projects
• Renewable energy technologies (specifically electric drive based projects and photovoltaics)
• Environmental consciousness
• Safety in all aspects of the development, testing and racing
• Sportsmanship, friendship and co-operation

Global EEE is a not-for-profit organization with headquarters in Washington DC. It is the organization behind the organization, and since 1987, its members have helped organize competitions around the world that promote Education, Energy efficiency, and Environmental consciousness (EEE). Aside from establishing, managing and promoting the competitions, Global EEE creates and updates rules and regulations, and establishes homologation among the various races and competitions worldwide.

The group is comprised of individuals residing in four continents, with expertise in technology, engineering, renewable energy, education, racing, marketing, among others. The principals are passionate about what they do, and every member of the group has built a vehicle and competed in the past prior to joining the team. Their experience spans international and local solar car racing, formula SAE, mini Baja, junior sprint, electric and hybrid-electric grand prix, super mileage vehicle, solar homes, aero design, and robo games. Involvement in events varies and depends on the complexity of the competition, the experience level of the host organizers, and the needs of the participating teams. Global EEE is selective about the events it partakes in. The competitions must promote education, energy efficiency, and environmental consciousness, and are not-for-profit. For more information please visit our website www.GlobalEEE.org

   Copyright (c) 2019 - Global EEE                                            Last Competition was held on 21 - 23 November 2019 in Dubai, UAE